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The Nautilus Foundation invests in providing people with a better future by offering them equitable access to high quality education and developmental opportunities. The Foundation delivers pathways for interested, committed and high-performing people to reach their full potential to become socially responsible and productive members of society. We support innovative and brilliant minds by offering scholarships, grants and mentorship programs for those seeking to excel in their fields but lacking the economic resources to pursue their goals.

The Foundation focuses specifically on fields which will contribute to the social and economic development of the Maldives, and which will set beneficiaries on a path to long-term self-sufficiency and prosperity. The Foundation aims to expand economic opportunity, improve public health, and inspire community engagement by fostering partnerships and building relationships.

our vision

To create a world where people from all backgrounds are given the opportunities to realise their full potential and find their place in society, leading to social and economic development. People accepted into the funding and mentorship programme will have access to interdisciplinary educational opportunities, financial support, mentorship and a variety of networking opportunities.

In keeping with Dr Ibrahim Umar Maniku's conviction that access to education is the key to a person's success, The Nautilus Foundation supports people in learning a profession, and enables access to schools and universities with scholarships and interest-free loans.

our mision

We are committed to delivering change, making a difference, and working towards a greater good by developing relationships with world-leading foundations, political influencers and pioneering community groups who share our vision.

celebrating the legacy of dr ibrahim umar maniku

To many in the Maldives, Dr Maniku was a mentor, a teacher, and a father figure, whose loyalty to his team and his leaders could never be doubted. His legacy is that of a pioneer. A visionary who had the confidence and wherewithal to build what most would say is impossible. Dr Maniku never wavered from his vision of continuous development of the nation and building the next generation of leaders in the Maldives in all forms of professions.

our partners

The Nautilus Foundation works closely with partners who share the same vision. Our partners demonstrate their commitment to the development via donations and funding of the scholarships and opportunities offered by us. Together, we deliver sustainable growth by transforming lives and the future we share.

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our areas of focus


We believe that lasting development requires commitment and continuous effort. By working together with our partners, benefactors, and the community, we aspire to strengthen and reinforce our programmes and broaden their prospects in the future.


We believe that relationships are the foundation of a healthy community. We aid people in building their network, connecting them with experienced mentors, and providing professional coaches to guide individuals.


We believe that success and growth are continuously achieved through innovation. By providing opportunities in both existing fields as well as new areas that add value to society, we aim for continuous improvement.


We believe that opportunities should be equal for all no matter their background, age, gender or other characteristics. We work to provide resources and opportunities to those who bring various voices and perspectives to society.


We believe that learning is continuous and lifelong. We prioritise the development of human capital in various sectors by providing financial support in the form of scholarships and interest-free loans to achieve academic goals or complete semesters of study abroad and provide internships.